Andalusite is the raw material for manufacturing refractory and ceramics. It is a kind of superior high aluminum refractory material, a non-metallic mineral material with wide application range and high economic value.

As a shaped or unshaped refractory material, it has good performance under adverse conditions, low temperature of Mullitization. It is an energy-saving refractory material.

Product Advantage

Higher fire resistance, fire resistance up to 1800 ℃,
Resistant to quench and heat,
High mechanical strength,
Strong thermal shock resistance,
Strong slag resistance,
The load conversion point is high,
High chemical stability
Strong chemical corrosion resistance.
Good energy saving effect


Metallurgy, ceramics, cement, glass and other industries
1. Ceramic kiln furniture
2. Shaped refractory material: refractory brick
3. Unshaped refractory materials: Refractory Castables (hot blast furnace, hot blast tower)
4. Smelting high strength light silicon aluminum alloy
5. Making metal fiber
6. Others: coal gasification, radar radome production (aluminum rich andalusite)

Energy Saving

1.The refractory fiber made of andalusite is used as the furnace lining, saving energy by 30-50%.
2.The use of andalusite refractory bricks can not only reduce fuel consumption and increase stability, but also save more than 40% of the consumption of general refractory materials.
3.Andalusite for producing silicon aluminum alloy, aluminum oxide and aluminum metal: due to the high content of Al2O3 in andalusite and the low content of oxide impurities such as iron, titanium and calcium, Andalusite will improve production efficiency.

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