Tabular Alumina

Bulk Density: >3.5
Water Absorption: <1
SiO2: <0.01
Fe2O3: 0.005
Na2O: <0.35
AL2O3: >99.2

Description of Tabular Alumina

Product introduction:

Tabular corundum is a kind of pure sintered corundum that does not add any additives such as MgO, B2O3 and so on. It has a coarse and well-developed α-Al2O3 crystal structure. The content of Al2O3 is more than 99%. .

(According to the molecular structure, corundum can be divided into fine material, granular, flake, spherical, etc.)

Product features: high purity, high whiteness, low apparent porosity, low water absorption.

Application of Tabular Alumina

Product application:
Tabular corundum can be used as the main component in aluminum-carbon, aluminum-magnesium-carbon, magnesium-aluminum-carbon, magnesium spinel, aluminum-chromium refractory bricks; It can also be introduced into high-alumina amorphous refractory as a component of enriched alumina.

It can be widely used in steel, casting, ceramics and other industries, and its application in the steel industry covers almost the entire process of iron making and steelmaking.

Characteristics: high refractoriness, high corrosion resistance, high slag resistance, high thermal shock resistance, high strength, good toughness and chemical stability, high erosion resistance.

Packing Information of Tabular Alumina

Tons of bags. The net weight of a ton bag is 1 ton, and the height is 80 cm after being packed. A small cabinet can be placed on three layers and contains 25 bags. A ton bag weighs 3 kilograms.

The process design, process control technology, and equipment of the entire production line are independently designed and developed by ourselves. Many technologies are the first in the world, which broke the long-term control of high-end refractory materials and products by foreign countries and fully localized. This production line starts from the fine control of the raw materials for aluminum hydroxide production, produces high-purity aluminum hydroxide raw materials, and then undergoes high-temperature flash roasting technology to produce light-burned alumina with high A-cabinet content required for the sintering of high-end tabular corundum. Finally, after powdering, forming, sintering, crushing and screening, the whole process is automated in sinus control, which provides guarantee for product quality and realizes high-quality control from ore to the final products.

Advantages of Bontrue Tabular Alumina

Devoted to refractory materials R&D and manufacture
Powerful R&D technical strength
Years of refractory engineering expertise
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Owns proprietary intellectual property rights
Possessing sophisticated manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment
Possessing advanced technics and production process

Product Advantages Full range of silicon carbide, tabular alumina, refining slag, taphole clay, well block, tapping hole block, and nozzle brick products.
Supreme Quality system

Technical Parameter of Tabular Alumina

Specifications Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Granularity Water Absorption SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O AL2O3
A-T-20 >3.50 <3 Corundum Ball <1 <0.01 0.005 <0.35 >99.2
A-T-1 >3.50 <3 0-0.3 0-1 1-3 3-6 5-10mm <1 <0.01 0.005 <0.35 >99.2
A-T-200 >3.50 <3 200mesh 325mesh <1 <0.01 0.005 <0.35 >99.2

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