White Fused Alumina

Product Information
White Fused Alumina( also known as white corundum or white aluminium oxide)is a high purity, synthetic mineral, and produced in the electric arc furnace by fusing calcined alumina. It is white color, a dense mineral and owns large crystals of Alpha Alumina. It has a high refractoryness and is extremely hard and resistant.

Technical Patameter
Typical chemical analysis in wt. %(0-3):

Index Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O TiO2
Typical value 99.18 0.047 0.05 0.31 0.01

Grits Available:
0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 200mesh, 325mesh
Other sizes can be supplied according to the requests.

Application Area:

  • Shaped and unshaped refractories
  • Abrasive products
  • Welding fluxes
  • Blasting media
  • Brake and friction linings
  • Laminating flooring

Product Advantages:

  • depending on processing: the grain shape is round or splintered
  • high hardness of 9 (Mohs)
  • density of 3.95 g/cm³
  • chemically inert
  • high chemical resistance
  • narrow grain size distribution
  • transparent performance in many binding systems

White fused alumina specifications:

Sand Size: 8-5mm 5-3mm、3-1mm 1-0mm

Powder: 320-0, 280-0240-0200-0, 180-0, 150-0120-0100-0

Sand Model: F8, F10、F12 F14, F16, F20, F22, F24, F30, F36, F40, F46, F54, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F120, F150, F180, F220.

Micro powder: W63, W50, W40, W28, W20, W14, W10, W7, W5, W3.5, W2.5, W1.5, W1, W0.5

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