Steel-making Deoxidizers

Types of steelmaking deoxidizers

Steelmaking deoxidizers mainly include silicon aluminum barium calcium iron, silicon-calcium cored wire, aluminum wire, aluminum ferromanganese, steel cored aluminum, calcium carbide and silicon carbide ect. Its main function is to react with dissolved oxygen in molten iron to generate non-metallic compounds precipitate, float up to the slag layer, obtain pure molten iron after removing it.


Usually Fe-Mn, Fe-Si, Mn-Si alloys, Ca-Si alloys, aluminum, Fe-Al, and composite deoxidizers are used for converter.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of steel, selecting cheap iron alloy as steelmaking deoxidizers to reduce the cost of steel.

Three specifications of steelmaking deoxidizer

(1) With Si/Mn deoxidation, the deoxidation products formed may include: pure SiO2 in solid phase, MnO•SiO2 in liquid phase, Solid solution MnO-FeO. By controlling the appropriate ratio of ω[Mn]/ω[Si], the MnO•SiO2 product in the liquid phase can be obtained, and the inclusions can be easily removed by floating.

(2) With S+Mn+Al deoxidation, the deoxidation products formed may include rose pyroxene (2MnO•A1203•5SiO2), Silico-aluminum garnet (3MnO•Al2O3•3SiO2), A12O3 (ω〔Al2O3〕>30%) . By controlling the composition of inclusions in the low melting point range,ωIAl]≤0.006%,[O] dissolved in steel can reach 0.0020% (20ppm) without Al203 precipitation. The molten steel has good pourability, does not block the water outlet, and the casting billet will not produce subcutaneous blowhole.

(3) Deoxidation with excess aluminum. For low-carbon aluminum killed steel, the content of acid-soluble aluminum [Al]s is 0.02% to 0.04% , and all the deoxidized products are Al2O3. The melting point of Al203 is 2050 ℃, and it is solid in molten steel. If the content of Al203 is high, the pourability of molten steel becomes poor, and it is easy to block the water outlet. In addition, Al203 is a non-deformable inclusion, which affects the properties of steel. By blowing argon and stirring, the Al203 is accelerated to float up and discharged, or feeding Si-Ca wire and Ca wire for calcium treatment, the properties of Al203 can be changed. The content of [Al]s is low, and  low-melting 2CaO·Al203·SiO2 produced after calcium treatment. For low-carbon aluminum killed steel, the product is easy to float by calcium treatment, which eliminates pure molten steel and improves pourability.

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1. The alloy product composed of manganese, silicon, aluminum and calcium has a low melting point, and is quickly melted in molten steel after being put in, then fully deoxidized after rapid dispersion.

2. The product is rich in CaO components. After the product is put into molten steel, in addition to the deoxidation and desulfurization effects of CaO itself, it can also quickly form an alkaline environment and improve the deoxidation capacity of silicon and aluminum.

3. The product contains an appropriate amount of Mn, which is beneficial to the improvement of the deoxidation capacity of silicon and aluminum.

4. The Ca is fixed in the form of an alloy, so that the contact time between Ca and the molten steel is prolonged, the contact surface is increased, the deoxidation and desulfurization is fully exerted.

5. Adding an appropriate amount of aluminum not only enhances the deoxidation ability, further purifies the molten steel, but also saves the amount of aluminum wire and the cost per ton of steel.

6. After the product is smelted at high temperature, the content of S, P and C is extremely low in the product, which will not have any adverse effect on the molten steel.

7. The deoxidized product has a low density and can float up quickly, so it's easy to discharge.

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